Exmark Lazer Z Zero Turn Lawn Mowers

Exmark Lazer Z Zero Turn Mower Series: X, S, E, and DS

Engine Options
EFI Kohler
Kohler EFI
Kohler RED
Deck Sizes
UltraCut 4 
UltraCut 4 
UltraCut 6 
Deck MountChainChain w/ StrutsBar w/ StrutsChain w/ Struts
Ground SpeedUp to 10mph10mphUp to 12mph12mph
Fuel Capacity8 Gal.12 Gal.12 Gal.15.5 Gal.
Front Caster
Drive Tires

From Day One, the Exmark Lazer Z has been an exercise in turning customer requests into engineering advancements. Commercial mowers and homeowners asked for more comfort, fuel efficiency, durability and ease of maintenance, and Exmark responded with their new line of Lazer Z Zero Turn Lawn Mowers.
Lazer Z E-Series
Exmark Lazer Z E-SeriesThe introductory series in the full size frame commercial lazer Z offers the durability and cut quality expected of Exmark in a value package.
The E-Series features Exmark's signature deck design, full size front caster wheels and larger rear tires matched to a commercial hydraulic drive transmission.
The new frame design gives a lower center go gravity for improved hillside stability and traction.
Lazer Z S-Series
Exmark Lazer Z S-SeriesOpen up your options with Exmarks S-Series Lazer models. Choose from several engine options including Kawasaki, Kohler, Electronic Fuel Injection, or even propane.
The S-Series also features a larger gas tank and more cushioned seat for long days of mowing. These Lazer Z's also have reinforced deck mounts with strut and pan-rod system to reduce strain and wear.
Get everything you expect and more out of an Exmark S-Series Lazer Z.
Lazer Z X-Series
Exmark Lazer Z X-SeriesGo all in with Exmarks top of the line Lazer Z, the X-Series. Get more power and efficiency out of Kohler EFI engines equipped with exclusive RED Technology.
Tackle more mowing and rougher terrain with Exmark's heavier deck spindles, mounts, and stabilization rods then top it all off with a suspensions seat.
It doesn't stop there, hit faster ground speeds and feel more torque when climbing hills with the X-Series' larger transmissions and wheels.
Experience the best mower on the market with an Exmark Lazer Z X-Series.
Lazer Z DS-Series
Exmark Lazer Z DS-SeriesIf diesel fuel is what you keep on the farm, there should be a Lazer Z DS model sitting in the barn.

Equipped with a liquid cooled Kubota diesel engine, this Lazer can cut anything you throw at it. The high torque of a diesel allows you to cut down field grass with ease.
The DS-Series also adapts well to municipalities by offer a rear discharge deck for improved control of grass clippings.
Get the ultimate in durability with the diesel Lazer Z models.
 Exmark Puts the Z in Lazer
Unmatched Cut Quality:

Ultra Cut Series 4 & 6 Fabricated Decks
  • 7 gauge side skirts with extra heavy-duty trim guard
  • 10 gauge top with 7 gauge reinforcement rings at the spindle mounting areas 
  • Patented flow-control baffles accelerates air flow under the deck to allow for easy movement of materials
  • 18,500 rpm blade tip speed optimizes discharge distance and uniformity

Heavy-Duty Cast Aluminum Spindles
  • Splined Blade Driver designed to eliminate over-tightening the blade bolt, allowing for easy blade removal
  • Dual-sealed, high-speed bearings eliminates extra maintenance and withstands powerful blade impacts 
Performance & Handling:

Unitized Hydro Transmission (UHT)
  • This new design couples the pump and wheel motor together inside the case
  • Less leak points as the hoses, fittings and external reservoir have been eliminated
  • Fewer parts and increased durability leads to a longer performance life 

Industry-Best Traction and Hill-Holding Capability
  • Lower center of gravity allows for the Lazer Z mowers to hug the ground more effectively
  • Lowered and centered weight distribution allows for the best traction possible on any terrain
  • Single point of fill fuel system improves balance and handling 

Ease of Maintenance:

A Smarter and More Durable Zero Turn Mower
  • Automotive-style struts incorporate maintenance-free, greaseless bushings for longer life
  • A unibody frame provides more strength to withstand any mowing condition 
  • The latest-generation Lazer Z mowers use 40% fewer parts than previous generations of mowers
  • With just 6 grease points that only need annual greasing, the Lazer Z delivers maximum performance with minimum maintenance