Agri-Fab 36 Multi Fit Tow Behind Tiller

Agri-Fab 36" Multi-Fit Tow Behind Tiller (45-0308)

Agri-Fab 36" Tiller 

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Agri-Fab 36" Multi-Fit Tow Behind Tiller (45-0308)

This very versatile tiller is one of only a few on the market. What makes this tiller so unique is that it can be used behind any size lawn and garden tractor or ATV. The forward rotating tines do not put stress or wear and tear on the transmission allowing it to be pulled behind versus a PTO driven tiller. The 11 inch tines can be adjusted to depths of 5.5 inches deep. When tilling soil that has not been broken Agri-Fab recommends taking 1 or 2 inches at a time for best results.



205cc Briggs & Stratton OHV Engine
  • Runs cooler and cleaner, delivering more power
  • Magnetron electronic ignition for fast, dependable starts
  • Delivers 9ft/lbs gross torque to name the toughest soil
6 Double Edge, 11" Forward Rotating Tines
  • Use for soil preparation and groundbreaking
  • Prepare seedbeds quickly
  • Adjustable tilling depth up to 5.5"
  • Mid-Tine design for added stability
Driven by a Reduction Chain Case Drive
  • 40 roller chain upper; 50 roller chain lower
  • Chain drives enclosed in a sealed case with oil bath lubrication
Hitch Pin, ATV Attachment
  • Easy fit-ups without any additional equipment required
  • Use with any 13 Horsepower or larger tractor with a hitch pin style hitch
  • Tractor may need wheel weights and tire chains for extra traction
  • Easily attaches to ATV capable of accepting pin style hitch
  • Must maintain a speed of 3 mph or less to be effective


Equip. ModelJohn Deere 345 Parts
Mounting TypeUniversal Carrier, Pin Hitch
Product Info
BrandGeneric Mfg
Compatible EquipmentUTV
Intended UseAgriculture
ModelGeneric Mfg
Engine BrandBriggs & Stratton 4-Cycle
Displacement205 cc
Starting SystemRecoil/Pull Start
Working Width36"
Tine TypeDouble Edge Tines, 11" Diameter
Working DepthUp to 5.5"
Number of Tines6
Length, Overall (in.)56"
Width, Overall (in.)38"
Height, Overall (in.)32"
Weight265 lbs.
Residential Warranty3 Year Warranty

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Rating & Review

Rating & Review
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ratings.cs.93 Anonymous User
1. Anonymous User on 5/13/2017, said:  

I've used this machine for nearly 10 years for home gardening. It does need regular maintenance; bolts and screws retorqued, fuel drained, etc. The oil blowing in to the carburetor (as mentioned in another review) is from excessive crankcase pressure; too much oil or a vacuum leak. It is easy to accidently overfill the oil with the tiller angled. Something as simple as a leaking oil filler dipstick o-ring or valve cover gasket can cause oil to get pushed out of the crankcase by drawing in too much pressure as well Overall, this tiller has run great. I have had no issues with power output. It's actually powerful enough that I have to pull it behind an ATV. The mower has a bit of trouble towing it while it is in operation. It's due for a carburetor cleaning today. The float is stuck open and flooding the air filter with gasoline.

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ratings.cs.93 Anonymous User
2. Anonymous User on 5/10/2016, said:  

I have used this tiller to try and work up the ground above my septic field so I can grade it . It won't go any deeper than 1 inch (the highest setting ) It shakes it to death and stalls out easily as it is underpowered .I have only 4 or 5 hrs on it and the engine is blowing oil into the carb . I have changed the oil already after one session. I regret buying this tiller.I have to inch ahead and stop inch ahead and stop, sometimes back up to keep from stalling out repeatedly .

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ratings.cs.93 Anonymous User
3. Anonymous User on 4/18/2016, said:  

Purchased this model from Mutton Power a couple of weeks ago and while I am pleased with their timely service I am disgusted with the product. I regret ever buying this. No matter what I do it will not till any deeper than maybe 2". Several bolts and screws have fallen off due to the immense amount of shaking and after only 4 hours of total use the transmission housing has cracked and leaking oil everywhere. I hope Agri-Fab has better service than they have products or I have wasted a thousand dollars. I wish I had just purchased a walk behind tiller.

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