Frontier RC2060 Rotary Cutter
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Frontier 60" Rotary Cutter (RC2060)

Frontier 60" Rotary Cutter (RC2060) 
1. Driveline:
Shear Bolt  
Slip Clutch
+ $155.00
2. Front and Rear Enclosures:
Front Rubber with Foot Guards and Rear Metal Enclosure  
No Front or Rear Enclosure
Front and Rear Chain Enclosure
+ $253.00
3. Tire Option:
Puncture Proof Laminated Tire  
Solid Rubber Tire

Price:  $1,599.00

No Freight Delivery Available


Frontier 60" Rotary Cutter (RC2060)

5' Frontier RC2060 Rotary Cutter

Frontier rotary cutters fit a wide range of tractor HP ratings, on the low end these cutters are intended for tall grass and light brush. On the high end of the HP ratings the cutters can handle thicker brush and small saplings.


Easy to Maneuver Deck
  • The round-back deck design on the RC20 Series Rotary Cutter enables easy maneuvering into tight corners and around trees, fences, and other hard-to-reach areas

Chain or Rubber Deck Deflectors
  • The front deck and deflector support are flush with the deck on the RC20 Series Rotary Cutters
    This allows water and debris an unrestricted exit off the top of the deck
    • Rubber or chain on the front
    • Metal or chain on the rear

Adjustable Cutting Height
  • Adjusting the cutting height is easy
  • Along with adjusting a tractor's three-point linkage, simply move the support bar to the desired cutting height
  • The RC20 Series Rotary Cutters go as low as 1.5 in. or as high as 9 in.

Balanced Blade
  • There is one standard blade pan for all four sizes of the RC20 Series Rotary Cutters
  • The blade pan is stamped instead of fabricated and is statically balanced to reduce vibration
  • The blade bar is thicker for added durability

Reversible Hitch
  • The lower hitching point on the RC20 Series Rotary Cutter accommodates a reversible front hitch for smaller or older tractors

Lower Lip increases Durability and Strength
  • The RC20 Series Rotary Cutters have a lower lip (Z-profile), which extends from the skid shoes to where the apron opens up
  • This Z-profile increases the overall durability and strength of the rotary cutter

Puncture-Resistent Rear Tire
  • Choose a laminated or solid rubber rear tire for the RC20 Series Rotary Cutter
  • Both are puncture resistant
  • The laminated tire is longer lasting and provides more support when working in sandy or lighter soil conditions

iMatch Compatible
  • The iMatch system converts a tractor's 3-point hitch to fixed hooks and attaching points for a super-quick connection
  • (The iMatch hitch is sold separately)



Equip. ModelMowing and Cutting, Tractor Attachments, John Deere 1530 Parts
Cutting Width60"
Horsepower Required20 hp
Mounting TypeCat. I 3-pt
Product Info
Compatible EquipmentTractor
Intended UseResidential
Quick Hitch CompatibleYes
Blade TypeHeat treated, suction
Drive TypeShear bolt or slip clutch
Mower Deck
Height of Cut (in.)1.5-9.0"
Steel Thickness11"
Rotor Speed14,335 fpm
Rotor Diameter0 to 1"
Length, Overall (in.)101"
Width, Overall (in.)63"
Weight590 lbs.
Residential Warranty1 Year Warranty
Commercial Warranty90 Day Warranty

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