John Deere MCS 7 Quick Dump Attachment (X300 Series 2 bag) (LP47168)

  • Quick Dump Bag Replacement
  • Fits X300 Series Baggers
  • Hopper, Chute, Power Flow Not Included
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John Deere X300 Quick Dump Bagger Add On

Get the most out of your John Deere Material Collection System (MCS)with an MCS Attachment from John Deere. With no bags to remove, shake,and reattach, the MCS Attachment provides efficient material expulsiondirectly from the seat of your vehicle, improving mowing and materialcollection cleanliness while saving valuable time.
Installation is fast and simple - just like your mowing will be.

Custom Fit
Designed for your vehicle - More appealing and easier to manage than tow-behind collection
Simple Installation
Removes bags, slide MCS Attachment onto the frame, close hopper cover. Installs in minutes with hand tools
Full Material Expulsion Rigid frame provides proper airflow with sloped bottom to ensure material empties completely