Frontier 72" Debris Grapple Bucket (AD11E)

  • 72" Working Width
  • Fits John Deere 300CX, 400, 500 Series Loaders
  • 3rd Loader Hydraulic Function and 3rd SCV Req'd
MSRP: $3,637.00
  • CUT Style Carrier
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Frontier 72" AD11E Debris Grapple Bucket 

Got a lot of brush to clear?

Frontier's AD11E Series Debris Bucket (or grapple), has the ability to grab irregular-shaped objects, such as logs and tree branches, for easy handling. Frontier's Model AD1172E is compatible with 300CX, 400,and 500 Series Loaders with Quick-Change capabilities and has a cutting width of 72 inches.

Independent, hydraulic cylinders activate the grapples for a tight grasp on tree branches and other irregular-shaped objects. The AD11ESeries bucket has reinforced ribs for added strength, and the hydraulic cylinders and hoses are well protected.

A hydraulic kit is required to adapt buckets to 1/2-in. couplers.1/2-in. body couplers are standard equipment for 500 Series Loader third function oil lines and hoses. Hydraulic functions on loader attachment require Third Function Hydraulic Lines and Hoses on loader as well as a tractor with three selective control valves (SCVs).

Model AD1172E Grapple Bucket is perfect for anyone needing to clean up after damaging storms.
Heavy Duty Grapples
  • Frontier's AD11 Series Grapple Buckets are made of heavy-duty steel to resist bending and provide longer wear capability
  • The slim design allows for excellent visibility, yet is strong enough to grab large, heavy items

Quick and Easy Attachment
  • Attaching the AD11 Series Debris Bucket to a John Deere loader is easy with its quick-change attaching system
  • Just line up the loader's connecting points to the attachment frame and lock in place

Width, in. (cm) 72 (182.9)
Height, in. (cm) 22 (55.9)
Depth, in. (cm) 32 (81.3)
Cutting width, in. (cm) 72 (182.9)
Clam opening, in. (cm) 34.5 (87.6)
Attachment carrier
Current series style 300, 400, and 500
Operational, lb (kg) 615.(279)
Shipping, lb (kg) 645 (292.6)
Hydraulic cylinders
Type 2 - Double acting
Clamp force
Open, ft-lb (N) NA
Closed, ft-lb (N) 1345 (5982.9)
Capacity, cu.yd. (m3) ---
Set-up time
Labor hours .25
Time period 1 year for ag and residential use; 90 days for commercial use