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Build the Complete Bagger Kit - Chute Selection
Use this kit to add the necessary Chute to build your complete 7-Bushel Power Flow Bagger kit for your John Deere Riding Lawn Mower
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John Deere 2 Bag 7 Bushel Power Flow X300/X500 Series Bagger (BM21679)

  • 2 Bag Hopper
  • 7 Bushel Capacity
  • Power Flow Included
  • Fits 48" or 54" X300 and X500 Series

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    John Deere X300/X500 Power Flow Bagger (247-L)

    The John Deere 7 bushel 2 bag Powe Flow system for X300 and X500 series lawn tractors fits directly to any X300 or X500 model with 48" or 54" mower deck. The bagger system quickly attaches for bagging grass, leaf, or other debris pick up. Turbo assist aids on more suction for more compact bagging.

    Fits 48" and 54" John Deere Models:
    X300, X320, X324, X360, X500, X534, X530, X540
    John Deere 7 bushel bagger  Two Durable Mesh Bags
    • Allow air flow through for complete bag fill
    • Generous 7 bushel capacity
    • Bags slide out for easy emptying
    John Deer Bagger Air Duct Intelligent and Durable Hopper Top Design
    • Exhaust ducts direct dust down for cleaner operation
    • Spring latch makes opening and closing easy
    • Rubber sealed top minimizes debris blowout
    John Deere Power Flow Power Flow Turbo Assist
    • Increases suction for improved bagging in wet heavy grass
    • Lightweight for easier handling and reduced strain on deck
    • Resists wear, abrasion, and rust
    Bagger Fill Minder
    Tool-less Install (after initial setup)
    • Power flwo chute pivots on hinge for easy removal
    • Chute handle makes install simple
    • Built in airflow indicator notifies when bags are full
    Capacity 7 bu
    Hopper top Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)
    Chute Polyethylene
    Blower housing Polyethylene
    Fan UHMW* Polyethylene
    Bags Polypropylene
    Filling Directly into bags for emptying on ground or in trailer or into plastic liners
    Fan diameter 13 in. (334 mm)
    Fan width 2-3/4 in. (70 mm) (3-3/4 in. (95 mm) for C Series blowers)
    Number of fan blades 4 (5 for C Series blowers)
    Fan speed (full engine rpm) 
    What John Deere Tractors and Mowers is the 7-Bushel Power Flow Bagger compatible with and what are the requirements?

    Compatible with:
    NOTE: The following list indicates only that the vehicles can use a 7-bu Power Flow MCS. Consult the 7 bu Rear Bagger and Power Flow bundle chart link for the specific bundle number that is compatible.
    • Select SeriesTM X300 Tractors with 48- or 54-in. EdgeTM Xtra Deck Mowers
    • X500 Multi-Terrain Tractors with 48- or 54-in. Edge Xtra Deck mowers
    • X700 UltimateTM Tractors with 48- or 54-in. Edge Xtra Deck Mowers
    • SX, SRX, RX, GX Riding Mowers
    • STX, LT, LX, SST Lawn Tractors
    • GT, 325, 335, 345, 355D, GX, 425, 445, 455, X400, and X500 Heavy-Duty Garden Tractors (HDGTs)
    Blower assembly and chute
    QT (Quik-Tatch) Blower Assembly: Compatible with 38-in. Side-Discharge Mower and 48-in. Convertible Mower (48C). However, the 38-in. QT (Quik-Tatch) Blower Assembly is NOT compatible with LX277AWS, GT, 325, 335, 345, 355D Tractors with 38-in. Side-Discharge Mowers due to contact with rear tractor tire. 48QT Blower Assembly is NOT compatible with 48-in. Side-Discharge Mower.
    The Power Flow blower is not compatible with older 46-in. mowers (SN below 36000) because they cannot be equipped with a hinged discharge chute. Also, NOT compatible with older 38-in. mowers that have three spindles.
    The 42C Mower and BM19649 Rear Bagger Chute are not compatible with the LX277 All-Wheel-Steer and LX280 All-Wheel-Steer Tractors.
    C-Series High-Performance Blower Assembly: Compatible with 48C and 54C Convertible Mowers used on LX, GT, 325-355D (48C only), GX, and X Series Tractors.
    Requirements and/or recommendations:

    1. Blower fan requires about 3-1/2 horsepower when operating at full rpm. Tractors equipped with a 38-in. or 46-in. mower and having less than 12.5 horsepower or tractors equipped with a 48-in. or 54-in. mower and having less than 17 horsepower may be power limited in more difficult mowing conditions.
    2. Front wheel weights are recommended for lawn tractors when operating on slopes.
    3. SST15, SST16, and SST18 require BM20937 Front Weight Kit when operating on slopes.
    4. Riders require BM17963 Front Weight Kit and BM17979 Weight Attaching Hardware.
    5. Requires M118053 Right Rear Draft Arm when installing Blower Assembly (not QT Blower Assembly) on 325-355D with a 38-in. Side-Discharge Mower.
    6. SST, LX, GT, 300, and GX 48C Mowers built before April 2002 may need 1/2-in. hole drilled in mower wheel bracket for installing BM20667 48C HP Blower. See Service Information Bulletin 02-11-45-7 for detailed instructions.
    7. SST, LX, GT, 300 and GX 48C Mowers built after April 2002 may need slot added to mower wheel bracket for installing BM19439 and BM20523 QT Blower. See Service Information Bulletin 02-11-45-7 for detailed instructions.
    8. X400/X500 HDGT and X700 Series Tractors with a 48C Mower require BM20976 48 HP Adapter Kit to install BM20667 48C High-Performance Power Flow Blower Assembly to accommodate this mower's rotatable wheels.
    9. Use of rear tow-behind attachments that could come in contact with the hopper assembly is not recommended when the hopper assembly is installed.
    10. BM20668 54C HP Power Flow Blower requires one AM133822 Wheel Adjusting Pin for
      installation on 2004 54C Mowers, whether mower is shipped with tractor or ordered as cartoned mower.
    11. LX277 AWS and LX280 AWS Tractors require 7-Bushel Bagger Adapter Kit (BM19797). This kit adapts the bagger mounting frame to the narrower tractor frame of the LX277AWS and LX280AWS. The LX mounting bracket included with the BM20455 7-Bushel Hopper Assembly requires parts not in early BM19797 Adapter Kits (those with date code prior to 121099, 12 October 1999). These early BM19797 Adapter Kits can be used with BM20455 7-Bushel Hopper Assemblies by obtaining the following:
    • M143101 Bracket, 2 each
    • E57570 Spacer, 4 each
    • 03M7202 Bolt, 2 each
    • 03M7216 Bolt, 2 each
    • 14M7298 Nut, 2 each
    • 14M7299 Nut, 2 each