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Front Quick Hitch
Front Quick Hitch With Hydraulic Lift (hydraulic angle not included)
425, 445, 455 Garden Tractors [Add $635.00]

X400/X500/X700 Garden Tractors [Add $615.00]

2210, 2305 [Add $650.00]

1023E, 1025R, 1026R [Add $700.00]

2320-2720, 4010, 4100, 4110, 4115 [Add $700.00]

Less Quick Hitch

Hydraulic Angle Kit
Hydraulic Angle Kit Required For Operation
425, 445, 455 [Add $165.00]

X400/X500/X700 [Add $190.00]

2210, 2305 [Add $190.00]

1023E, 1025R, 1026R [Add $190.00]

2320-2720, 4010, 4100, 4110, 4115 [Add $200.00]

Less Hydraulic Angle

Attaching Support Kit
Required for attachment to compact utility tractors.
2305, 2210 [Add $60.00]

1023E, 1025R, 1026R [Add $85.00]

2320, 2025R [Add $85.00]

2520, 2720, 4100, 4110, 4115 [Add $60.00]

Combo Bracket [Add $129.00]
Allows for tooless change between quick hitch and mower deck on 2320-2720, 2025R, 2032R, 4115

Less Attaching Hardware

John Deere 54" Quick Hitch Front Blade

  • 54" Width
  • Build this Front Blade to Order for your specific John Deere Tractor
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The 54-in. Front Blade is excellent for moving snow, gravel, dirt, sand, or other loose material. It can be hydraulically angled up to 27 degrees right or left or used in the straight-ahead position.

The front quick-hitch mounting system allows for tool-free change between the front blade, rotary broom, and snow blower on garden and small-chassis tractors.

The 54-in. Front Blade is compatible with the following tractors:
  • X700 Series Ultimate™ Tractors, X400 and X500 Series Heavy-Duty Garden Tractors, and 425, 445, and 455 Tractors
  • 1023E, 1025R, 1026R, 2305, 2320, 2520, 2720, 2210, 4010, 4110, 4115, and 4100 Tractors
Compact Tractors Require Front Attaching Support Kit (not included)
Not compatible with:
  • X500 Series Multi-Terrain Tractors
  • 320, 325, 335, 345, 355D, and GX300 Tractors
John Deere 54" Quick-Hitch Heavy-Duty Construction
  • A reinforcing angle is welded behind the front edge of the blade to provide added strength.
  • A replaceable cutting edge greatly extends the useful life of the blade. The cutting edge and blade form a continuous curve:
    • Rolls rather than pushes material, providing greater capacity

Breakaway Feature
  • Two large coil springs allow the bottom of the blade edge to be pushed back if a solid object is struck:
    • The operator does not receive a hard jolt
    • The chance for damage to the blade is reduced
    • A locking pin enables the blade to be locked in the vertical position

Adjustable Skid Shoes
  • Adjustable skid shoes on each side of the blade allows the operator to select the correct blading height to match various conditions and job requirements:
    • Adjustable to eight different heights (seven at 12.7-mm increments and one at 25.4-mm increment)
    • Allow for uniform grading/blading work
    • Replaceable as they wear out over time

Front Quick-Hitch Mounting System
  • The hitch slips over and locks onto the tractor frame with attached snap pins:
    • No tools are required
    • No loose parts to find
  • The same hitch works with several front-end attachments, including the front blade, rotary broom, and snow blower
  • When used on X Series Tractors, the front quick-hitch can be installed on the tractor when the mower is installed
  • Use of the front blade while the mower is installed is not optimum, because ground clearance is reduced and the mower deck may be damaged

Hydraulic Lift and Angling
  • The 54-in. front blade has a working range of 10 in. above the ground to 3-1/2 in. below the ground
  • The blade can be used straight ahead or angled left or right, up to 27 degrees:
    • Allows moving the bladed material off to the side and out of the way
    • Allows blading in a back-and-forth operation (no need to deadhead back to the origin)
  • The blade is angled, raised, and lowered by using the tractor hydraulic system

Angling Cylinder
  • Hydraulic angling is available in infinite positions up to 27 degrees left or right
Cutting width:    
Blade straight 54 in. (1.4 m)
Blade angled 15 degrees 52-3/16 in. (1.3 m)
Blade angled 27 degrees 48-1/8 in. (1.2 m)
Angling positions:       
Right and left 0 degrees to 27 degrees
Range of lift:       
Above ground line - garden tractors 11 in. (280 mm)
Below ground line - garden tractors 3-1/2 in. (90 mm)
Above ground line - compact utility tractors 11 in. (280 mm) (2320-2720)*
8 in. (203 mm) (2305)* 
Below ground line - compact utility tractors 1.5 in. (38 mm) (2320-2720)*
3-1/2 in. (90 mm) (2305)*
Blade skid shoes Eight position
Material thickness:      
Blade 0.12 in. (3.05 mm)
Replaceable scraper edge 0.188 in. (4.76 mm)
Blade trip Spring trip
Blade float Hydraulic
Approximate weight 50 lb (23 kg)
What are the Compatibility Requirements for the John Deere 54" Quick-Hitch Front Blade?

The 54-in. Quick-Hitch Front Blade is compatible with:
  • 318, 322, 332, 420, and 430 Tractors (subject to the availability of mounting parts)
  • X465, X475, X485, X495, X575, X585, X595, 425, 445, and 455 Garden Tractors
  • X700, X720, X724, X728, X729, X740, X744, X748, and X749 UltimateTM Tractors
  • 1023E, 1026R, 2305, 2320, 2520, 2720, 2210, 4010, 4110, 4115, and 4100 Tractors
The 54-in. Quick-Hitch Front Blade is not compatible with:
  • 320, 325, 335, 345, 355D, and GX300 Tractors (Tractor requires dual hydraulics.)
Requirements and/or recommendations - garden tractors:
  1. If not already equipped, tractor requires front quick-hitch with hydraulic angling option.
    • NOTE: If not already equipped, the 430 Tractor requires BM16360 front mounting bracket prior to installation of the front quick-hitch.
  2. If not already equipped, X700, X465, X475, and 425 Tractors require BM20761 hydraulic coupler kit.
  3. For enhanced traction and performance, rear ballast is recommended.
  4. Tire chains are helpful and recommended when blading snow.
Requirements and/or recommendations - compact utility tractors:
  1. If not already equipped, tractor requires front attaching support kit.
  2. If not already equipped, tractor requires front Quik-Tatch hitch.
  3. If not already equipped, tractor requires hydraulic angling cylinder kit.
  4. If not already equipped, tractor requires dual selective control valve.
  5. If customer has an OnRamp™ Mid-Mount Mower, order front hitch/mid-mower combo bracket in order to retain a tool-free change between front hitch and mid mower.
  6. Ballasting is not required but additional rear weight will improve performance.
  7. Tire chains will also improve performance when blading snow.