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Spring Lift Assist
Spring Lift Assist is recommended for X300 and X304 tractors ordered less deck, or with 38" or 42" mowers. This kit comes standard with 48" decks and larger.
X310, X320, X324, X360
No Spring Lift Needed

X300, X304 [Add $85.00]
Spring Lift Assist Recommended

John Deere 44" Snow Blower (X Series)

  • 42" Clearing Width
  • Easy On and Off Mounting
  • Reversible and Replaceable Cutting Edge
  • Adjustable Skid Shoes
Fits X300 Series and X500 John Deere Tractors

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    John Deere 44" Snow Blower

    This blower is designed to be used for large area snow removal on paved or gravel surfaces. It can be used in wet/heavy snow conditions and is ideal for home and estate owners. This blower comes with everything you need to attach to your X300 Select series of X500 model only.

    (wheel Weights and Chains Not Included)
    john deere impeller  Two Stage Snowblower Design

    The first stage is an auger system that breaks down the heavy and packed snow into more manageable amounts of snow for the second stage (picture left).

    This second stage known as the impeller works at higher speeds to consistently throw the snow at a longer distance than a single stage blower design.
    Spout Deflector  216 Degree Spout Rotation with Deflector

    The spout is controlled by a crank that can easily be reached in the operator station. This spout is a highly durable polyethylene that does not rust and resists clogging.

    The spout deflector can also be easily controlled from the operator station to change the loft of the throw affecting the distance and accuracy.
    44in Skid Shoe  Adjustable and Replaceable Skid Shoes

    Skids shoes can be set to allow a gap between the scrapping edge the surface being cleared. This allows the blowers to be used on gravel drives without creating a hazard by throwing stone.
    X-Series Hitch  Front Hitch For Quick Attachment

    The front hitch allows the blower to be put on with no tools or loose parts.

    This hitch also allows the blower to be used with hood guards on X300 and X500 series tractors
    Foot Pedal Lift  Foot Pedal Lift Assist

    The X300 and X500 Series tractors come standard with foot pedal lift assist for the mower deck. This is the same mechanism used to raise and lower the front blower.

    For X300 and X304 models order less deck, or with 38" or 42" mower decks are recommended to order the spring assist kit. This kit comes with units order with 48" decks or larger.
    44-in. Snow Blower for X300 Series Tractors andX500 Tractor

    Overall width 44 in. (1118 mm)
    Clearing width 44 in. (1118 mm)
    Height to top of housing 18 in. (45.7 cm)
    Scraper edge Replaceable
    Drive In-line V-belt
    Blower fan size 4-3/4 in. x 14 in. (12.1 cm x 35.6 cm)
    Blower fan material Ultra high molecular weight (UHMW) polyethylene
    Blower fan drive Cast-iron right-angle gearbox
    Spout diameter 6 in. (15.2 cm)
    Spout rotation 100 degrees to each side
    Spout rotation control Manual remote handle
    Auger diameter 12 in. (30.5 cm)
    Auger drive Cast-iron worm-drive gearbox
    Auger bearings 3/4 in. sealed bearings on each end
    Auger protection Shear bolt for each auger half
    Drift knife Optional for both sides of housing
    Skid shoes Standard
    Lift system Spring-assisted foot lift or hydraulic lift (X310, X360)
    Lift height 4 in. (102 mm)
    Weight 180 lb (81.6 kg)
    Attachability No tools required; 5 minutes
    44-in. Snow Blower
    This 44-in. Snow Blower is compatible with the following:
    • Select Series X300R, X300, X304, X310, X320, X324, X340, X360, X500 M-T, and X520 M-T Tractors
    • X300R Rear-Discharge Tractor (see DTAC solution 79224 for snow blowers manufactured before spring 2008, serial numbers 030,000 and below)
    Requirements and/or recommendations:

    • X300 Series Tractors shipped with a 38- or 42-in. mower deck (X300, X304, X310) or X300 Tractors shipped "less deck" require the AM136646 lift-assist spring kit.
    • 2006 and some early 2007 model year X320, X324, X340, X500, or X520 Tractors shipped with 48- or 54-in. mower decks require the AM136645 lift-assist spring to replace the M151924 lift-assist spring; the exact serial numbers of the tractors shipped with M151924 are as follows:
      • X320 with 48-in. mower (BM21848): below serial number -M0X320A040168
      • X320 less mower (BM22336): below serial number -M0X320A040168
      • X320 less mower, export (BM21862): below serial number -M0X320B040377
      • X324 with 48-in. mower (BM21849): below serial number -M0X324A040092
      • X340 with 54-in. mower (BM21850): below serial number -M0X340A045012
      • X500 with 48-in. mower (BM21851): below serial number -M0X500A020104
      • X500 with 54-in. mower (BM22128): below serial number -M0X500C020001
      • X500 less mower (BM22338): below serial number -M0X500C020001
      • X520 with 48-in. mower (BM21855): below serial number -M0X520A020008
    • For rear ballast, the following is recommended:
      • For X300 Series Tractors, two 42-lb Quik-Tatch weights are recommended for additional traction.
      • For X500 M-T and X520 M-T Tractors, two 50-lb rear-wheel weights (one on each wheel) or up to four 42-lb Quik-Tatch weights are recommended for additional traction.
    • Tire chains are recommended for traction.
    • Winter grille cover is recommended for tractors with air-cooled engines to prevent carburetor icing.
    • Optional drift knives are available for each side of the blower housing and are recommended for deep-snow conditions.
    • Optional heavy-duty skid shoes are available for high-hour use and extra protection.
    • Optional plastic skid shoes are available for reduced scratching and marring of driveway surfaces.