2000 Series John Deere Tractors

The John Deere 2000 series compact utility tractors are packed with value for the homeowner or commercial user looking to do it all. Their smaller dimensions allow these to be maneuverable enough for residential mowing but tough enough for daily loader and 3 point use as well.
Finish Mowing and Brush Cutting
2000 series brush mowingThe John Deere 2000 series tractors are small enough to be gentle on residential yards but are available with enough horse power for heavy brush cutting!
These compact tractors can be outfitted with 54D, 62D, or 72D drive over belly mower for residential size yards with tight spaces or up to a 72" 3 point mount finish mower for large areas.
Front Loader Work
2000 series front loaderThe John Deere 2000 series compact tractors can be equipped with quick detach front loader with integrated parking stand for quickly moving from one chore to another.
These compact tractors have twice the hydraulic capacity than their smaller brother, the 1-series. This added capacity means more lift capability but more importantly, faster functioning speeds.
Due to their small size these loader are still limited to lifting lighter materials but their quicker speeds makes them much more efficient. This save the commercial user time and ultimately makes them more money!
Snow Removal
There are several methods that can be used to clear snow during the winter and the John Deere 2000 series tractors can do them all. Adding a tractor cab will allow for the tractor to be used comfortably all year.
A 54" snow blade can be used on the front of the tractor or a 3 point snow blade can be used on the rear up to 6 ft wide.
The snow blower is also a good choice for larger snow falls. These tractors can be equipped with a 47" or 54" front mount snow blower or a rear 3 point mount snowblower.
For drives that have a ornamental pavers the front mounted rotary brooms will brush the snow away without damaging the drive. The brooms are available in 54" or 60" widths and can be quickly attached or detached.
Other Chores
All the John Deere compact tractors offer versatility to operated a large range of attachments and the 2000 series is no exception.
Due to its smaller frame size there will be some attachments it will have enough HP to run but will not be heavy enough to effectively operate.
Some of the more efficient attachments to run with these tractors include: backhoe for trenching, rotary tillers, post augers, box blades, rear blades, aerators, spreaders, disk harrows rakes, and pulverizers

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