Next Day Services: Completed next day by noon (unless Friday or Saturday drop off)

    Blade Sharpening
    $10.00 (on unit)
    $7.50 (off unit)
    Chain Sharpening $10.00
    Tire Repair
    $22.50 Plus Parts (on unit)
    $18.00 Plus Parts (off unit)
    Recoil Repair $25.00 Plus Parts (must be off unit)

    Walk Behind Mower Services

    Tune-Up Includes: Change Oil, Clean Deck, Grease Wheels, Sharpen Blade, Check Air Filter, Check Spark Plug, Pressure Wash
    Carburetor Cleaning/Repair Most common issue for non-starting engine
    Transmission Repair Self propel mower won't move or locked up
    Cable Replacement Broken Self Propel or Throttle Cable
    Wheel Replacement Worn Wheels or Adjustment Plate Worn

    Riding Lawn Mower and Zero Turn Mower Services  

    Tune-Up  Includes: Change Oil and Filter, Change Fuel Filter, Grease fittings, Clean Deck. Check Spark Plugs, Air Filter, Belts, Battery. (Blade Sharpening Not Included)
    Carburetor Clean/Repair  Most common issue for non-starting equipment
    Transmission Service  Should be done every 4 years or 300 hrs
    Belt Replacement  Replace broken drive belt deck belt or hydrostatic belt
    Spindle Repair  Replace bearings for reduced deck noise and smoother operation
    Electrical Diagnostic  For fuel injected lawn tractors this may be an area of concern

    Snow Blower and Hand Held Equipment Services

    Tune-Up Includes: Oil Change, Grease. Check Filters, Belts, and other wear items
    Carburetor Cleaning/Repair  Most common problem for non-starting equipment
    Paddle & Scrapper Replacement  Most common issue with single stage snow blowers clogging or not throwing as far

    Other Services Provided

    *NOTE: These rates are provided to give a rough estimate of repair costs to customers. These rates are subject to change and can fluctuate depending on the condition of the equipment being repaired. Any extra time needed to complete a repair will increase the costs, as will needing to special-order parts for brands we do not sell in-store. Please feel free to call ahead if you would like any further information before dropping off your equipment.*

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