• So fall is upon us again and it's time to make a decision: Which fall clean-up tool makes the most sense for your property.

    You have a lot of factors to consider in making this choice; i.e. property size, number and location of trees, bag or roadside pickup, and budget.  We're hoping this article makes the choice a little easier for you.

    Handheld Leaf Blower
    Handheld leaf blowers are highly effective and efficient on paved surfaces but can cause some frustration when handling leaves and debris in the grass due to insufficient power.
    Handheld blowers can get a bit heavy when used for an extended period of time so we recommend them for smaller properties or properties with concentrated leaf fall.
    Backpack Leaf Blower
    The backpack leaf blower is the handheld's bigger brother.  While the backpack blower is also most effective on paved surfaces, it packs quite a bit more power, making it suitable for leaf management in the grass.
    The backpack blower also moves the onus of the machine to the user's shoulders, allowing for extended use.  We recommend the backpack leaf blower to customers who have medium sized properties and a wide spread of leaf fall.
    Walk Behind Blower
    The walk behind blower is easily the most effective way to blow leaves.  Walk behind blowers are significantly more powerful than handhelds or backpack blowers but you'll sacrifice some maneuverability in exchange.
    Large wheels carry the load of the larger engine so you don't have to worry about the discomfort that comes with a backpack blower.  We recommend walk behind leaf blowers to medium/large property owners with a high volume of leaves to tackle.
    Walk Behind Leaf Vacuum
    If you want to save loads of time by automating the bagging process, a walk behind leaf vacuum is the tool for you.  The extra money you invest up front is easily justified by the amount of time you save throughout the season. 
    We recommend walk behind leaf vacuums to property owners who value a spotless, manicured lawn that receives a high volume of leaves.
    Leaf Collection System (Tow-Behind)
    It's easy to see that a tow-behind leaf collection system is the most time-effective solution for fall cleanup.  Though costly when compared to the other options, it's an investment that large property owners with a lot of trees should consider.
    Traditional baggers on riding mowers are powered by the mower's belt system, which often lacks the power to handle leaves and clogs easily.  That's where tow-behind leaf collection systems prove cost worthy.  They include an independent engine and additional turbine, eradicating the clogging problem and sparing you time and headaches.

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