How to Install and Remove a John Deere 270A Backhoe

The John Deere 270A Backhoe is an amazing new attachment available for John Deere Compact Utility Tractors.  Now, for the first time, the John Deere 270A Backhoe allows you to attach a backhoe to a 2-Series Tractor while a mid-mount mower deck is attached!  Now you can easily switch between mowing and digging without having to remove a mower deck.   The improved attachability, combined with better visibility and a more comfortable seat, the 270A pulls out all the stops.  

Not only is this powerful backhoe a breeze to use, but installation and removal can be done by only one operator in a matter of minutes! In this guide, we'll show you step-by-step how to install and remove the 270A Backhoe.
*Note: Wearing Gloves is Recommended due to working with Hydraulic Fluids and functioning machinery*

Installing the John Deere 270A Backhoe:


Step 1: Install Lift Rod

  • Install lift rod to lower draft arms on tractor.  Retract drawbar to storage position and remove upper link from tractor 3-point.
  • Install cross bar (A) and retain with clips (B). Bend in plates should point away from tractor.
  • Back tractor into backhoe.


Step 2: Connect Backhoe to Tractor

  • Raise backhoe to full height using tractor-hitch control lever.
  • Turn off tractor and engage parking brake
  • Install Lock Pin (G) through Backhoe and mount frame on each side, from inside, and secure with retainer pins (H).

Step 3: Connect Hydraulic Hoses 

  • Turn off Tractor
  • Relieve Hydraulic Pressure by moving hydraulic controls in all directions before disconnecting hydraulic lines
  • disconnect tractor power beyond hydraulic coupler behind tractor and connect to backhoe coupler tip.
  • Connect backhoe hydraulic return line coupler (J) to tractor coupler tip (K).

Step 4: Drive Away

  • Remove the Lock Pins from the Boom Park (L) and Swing Lock (M) positions.
  • Raise Stabilizers
  • Drive Away


    Removing the John Deere 270A Backhoe:


    Step 1: Lower the Bucket

    • Lower boom and install swing lock pin (A) and boom lock pins (B).
    • Lower Stabilizers (D)
    • Rotate bucket until teeth (C) are parallel to the ground.
    • Turn off Tractor


    Step 2: Disconnect Hydraulics

    • Disconnect Power Beyond hydraulic coupler from backhoe coupler tip
    • Disconnect backhoe hydraulic return line coupler from tractor tip (G). With lines routed on backhoe side of seat support, connect coupler to backhoe coupler tip.
    • Connect tractor power beyond hose (H) to tractor coupler tip (G).


    Step 3: Remove Pins and Drive Away

    • Remove retainer pin (I) and lock pin (J) from backhoe and mount frame on each side.
    • Lower backhoe to ground.
    • Release parking brake and Slowly drive tractor forward.

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