How to Install and Remove a John Deere 485A Backhoe

The John Deere 485A Backhoe is an amazing new attachment available for John Deere Compact Utility Tractors. Not only is this powerful backhoe a breeze to use, but installation and removal can be done by only one operator in a matter of minutes! Learn how easy it is to install and remove a John Deere 485A Backhoe using our simple how-to guide and step-by-step instructions below based on the video created by John Deere above.
*Note: Wearing Gloves is Recommended due to working with Hydraulic Fluids and functioning machinery*
Installing the John Deere 485A Backhoe:
Step 1: Connect the Backhoe to the Tractor
  • Lower the 3-pt hitch with the spacer bar attached and reverse into the Backhoe to connect
  • Lift the 3-pt hitch & attach the pins and clips on both sides of the Backhoe frame (Picture)
  • Start the Tractor and lower the 3-pt hitch slightly to engage the Backhoe and then shut off the Tractor
Step 2: Connect the Hydraulic Hoses (Picture)
  • Connect the Return hose first
  • Remove the Jumper hose and replace with the Pressure hose
Step 3: Prepare the John Deere 485A Backhoe for Transportation
  • Start the Tractor and raise the Stabilizer Arms up all the way
  • Curl the bucket up completely into the Transport position (Picture)
  • Remove the pin to raise the 485A Backhoe up from Park position into Transport position (Picture)
Removing the John Deere 485A Backhoe:
Step 1: Lower the Stabilizer Arms & Curl the Bucket
  • Keep the tractor running for the hydraulic pumps to lower the arms
  • Lower until the arms are parallel to the ground and the bucket is pointed down
Step 2: Change the 485A Backhoe from Transport to Park mode
  • Remove the pin to lower the backhoe into park position
  • Provides a 4-point contact when the backhoe is lowered to the ground
Step 3: Shut the Tractor OFF to Relieve Hydraulic Pressure
  • Move the loader joystick back-and-forth to relieve any excess pressure
Step 4: Unhook the Hydraulic Hoses
  • Remove the return hose first, followed by the hose from the Power Beyond port
  • Re-install the jumper hose for continuous flow due to the open-center hydraulics
Step 5: Disconnect the 485A Backhoe from the Tractor>
  • Start the tractor and lift the 3-pt hitch up to remove pressure on the frame
  • Remove the clips and retaining pins from both side
  • Lower the 3-pt hitch and Backhoe to the ground and drive away

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