How to Install and Remove a John Deere 72D Drive Over Mower Deck

Looking to purchase a John Deere 72D Drive Over Mower Deck for your John Deere Compact Tractor?
Already own a 72D Mower Deck and need help with taking it off and on?
Following along with our directions below, our helpful video will demonstrate how easy it is to install and remove the John Deere 72D Drive-Over Mower Deck with your John Deere Compact Tractors.
  1. Make sure the mowing deck is on a flat surface
  2. Disengage deck height settings so that hanging brackets can be as low as possible
  3. Lower Auto-PTO coupler from carry position
  4. Line tractor up with mower deck
  5. Set tractor to 4WD in A-range, lock differential, and drive over mower deck
  6. Check to make sure mowing deck is completely attached
  7. Raiser mower deck all the way up with hydraulic control and set deck height adjustment to desired position
  8. Set anti-scalp wheels
  9. Ready to mow!



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