How To Level a John Deere 48C and 54C Mower Deck

There are many things to consider when trying to get the perfect cut with your John Deere Riding Lawn Mower. One of the most common issues that results in an uneven cut comes from not having the mowing deck properly leveled. Adjusting your mower deck can make the difference between a good and great lawn, and can easily be accomplished in only a few steps.
Check out our video below of How To Level a John Deere 48C and 54C Mowing Deck and follow along with the directions to make sure your mower is level and ready to mow all season long.
Step 1: Check Tire Pressure (Picture)
  • Check the tire pressure on all four tires to make sure they are properly inflated
  • Make sure the scalp wheels are up to ensure proper leveling of the mower deck  
Step 2: Raise the Mower Deck to the specified "Deck Leveling Height" (Picture)
  • Using the deck level control on the riding mower, turn the knob to the identified "Deck Leveling Height"
  • Use the deck leveling guide provided with your lawn mower to measure the deck height all around - Start with the rear of the mower deck and continue to the front of the deck
Step 3: Adjust the Mower Deck Bolts (Picture)
  • After raising the mower deck to the specified "Deck Leveling Height," you can lock in the proper height by adjust the control bolts on the front of the mower deck
  • This allows for the major height adjustment to be corrected before fine-tuning the mower deck with the leveling tool
Step 4: Final Deck Adjustments (Picture)
  • Use the supplied leveling tool that came with the John Deere Riding Mower to make the final adjustments to the deck level height
  • Turn the leveling tool clockwise to raise the mower deck and counterclockwise to lower the mower deck to specified height

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