How to Prepare a Riding Lawn Mower for Spring

After sitting all winter long, riding lawn mowers need to have these basic services to ensure best chance of starting and running all Spring and Summer. Whether you have a lawn tractor or garden tractor, this simple guide will help you get your mower checked and ready to run! (See our Guide to Preparing Your Walk Behind Mower for Spring)
Check the Oil
Before starting any engine that has been sitting for an extended period of time it is important to check engine oil.
Make sure there is oil registering on the dipstick. If not add manufacturer-suggested oil type until in small increments. Check and repeat.
Check the Gas
Having a tank of fresh gas from the pump ensure a higher octane to optimize the chance of successfully starting the lawn mower.
Our technicians recommend running equipment low on fuel at the end of each season and adding fresh gas for spring.
Check the Air Filter
The engine air filter should be free of excess debris. If necessary tap the filter on clean surface to free excess dirt and debris.
If filter is dark or grey in color we recommend replacing.
A brand new air filter is a cheap way to make sure your mower is running at top performance.
*Now that you've completed the pre-start checklist, it's time to attempt to start the engine*
Prime the Engine
Majority of riding lawn mowers have a Choke which is used to start the engine. Engage the choke if present.
If your riding lawn mower has a separate fuel line mechanism, make sure the gas tank is engaged / turned on.
If the electrice start on the mower won't turn over, check and make sure the battery is fully-charged and connected.
*I completed the steps above but my engine won't start - Now what?*
Check the Battery
If the engine won't turn over at all, you could have a dead or low-charged battery. You can use a variety of tools to check the charge and to re-charge the batter.
Make sure the terminals are completely attached and the battery hasn't expired.
If the mower lights and notifications turn on but the mower won't turn over, you might have a broken starter mechanism.
*If none of these solutions help, it may be time to consider a professional to service your lawn mower*
*Once you have your walk behind lawn mower started and running for the season, it's important to maintain your mower's performance by checking the following items before each use*

Check the Mower Deck - Make sure there is no grass built up on the underside of the deck. The deck should be scraped clean after mowing wet heavy grass for best cutting performance.
Check the Mower Blades - The mower blade should not be bent or have severe nicks on the cutting edge. The blade does not have to be razor sharp but should not have a rounded cutting edge. Have a professional sharpen or perhaps replace blade.
Check the Tires - If you mower has inflatable tires make sure tire pressure is consistent for an even cut. Our technicians recommend between 8 and 12 PSI.
Check the Lubrication - If your lawn mower has grease zirks they should be greased at the beginning of each season

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