How To Remove a Simplicity Riding Lawn Mower Deck

There are a variety of reasons why to buy a Simplicity Riding Lawn Mower - one of the most popular reasons is their ease of use. Most homeowners use there riding lawn mowers for more than just mowing these days, and being able to add and remove riding lawn mower attachments and accessories is a major selling point.
Check out our simple video and guide below to learn how to properly remove the Mower Deck from your Simplicity Lawn Tractor. All it takes is one person and a few minutes of free time, and you can how your lawn mower deck quickly and easily removed from your Simplicity Riding Lawn Mower.
Step 1: Release the Deck from Carrying Position (Picture)
  • Use the hand lever to lower the mower deck from the carrying position down to the ground
  • This will allow for the free-floating mower deck to be ready to remove
Step 2: Release the Front Draft Arm (Picture)
  • Use the spring-loaded latch to disconnect the front of the mower deck from the frame
  • Be sure to completely remove the front latch before continuing with the mower deck removal
Step 3: Remove the Mower Deck Belt (Picture)
  • Remember to completely remove the mower deck belt before removing the mower deck
  • Use this opportunity to check the mower belt for any frays that would require replacement
Step 4: Disconnect Mower Deck from Carrying Cable (Picture)
  • Remove the single cotter pin to disconnect the mower deck from the carrying cable
  • Remember to keep the cotter pin and washer for when the mower deck is reconnected 
Step 5: Slide Mower Deck out from Lawn Mower (Picture
  • Tip: Remove the mower deck on a flat, level surface such as concrete to allow the mower deck to move freely from under the lawn mower 

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