Clearance Lawn Mower Sale


There is nothing better than making a great buy on something you desperately need. Luckily for you manufacturers over produce and dealers over stock, making for a great selection of Clearance Lawn Mowers and more at Mutton Power Equipment of Fort Wayne Indiana.

Clearance lawn mowers come about in many different ways but the fact remains that they are all great deals. Here are a few ways Mutton Power Equipment can save you some green this summer with our clearance lawn mowers!

Manufacturer Over Production
All manufacturers follow different operational policies, but luckily keeping a supply of inventory is almost always one of them. When companies such as Exmark or Simplicity decide to roll out new products, there is always some aged inventory that needs to be cleared out. Mutton Power Equipment is always looking for these manufacturer clearance sales to come about to extend our savings to our customers.

Dealer Over Stock
Although we like to think we always know what to stock and order, sometimes we stock too much of a particular model. As the selling seasons pass by, it is often necessary to put some of our inventory on the clearance section. These clearance sales may not be as great of a deal as a manufacturer over stock, but you can be sure you will be buying these units at the lowest prices in the country.

Demonstration Equipment
Manufacturers and dealers both agree it is important to let people ride, drive, and mow with a lawn mower before they spend a small fortune. Demo mowers are typically going to be a commercial grade zero turn mower and may be more money than most can fathom spending. But they are still a great value and belong under the clearance section. Demo mowers will have hours and looked used, but they still offer brand new warranty and finance options. So why not let other people work the bugs out while you reap the benefits of a proven unit at a great price.

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