Exmark Zero Turn Mowers

Exmark Zero Turn Mowers
Quest Pioneer Lazer Z Vantage Navigator
Acreage Up to 2 Up to 4 Up to 10 Up to 3 Up to 2
Deck Size 42 / 50 44 / 48 / 52 / 60 48 / 52 / 60 / 72 36 / 48 / 52 / 60 42 / 48
Deck Options Stamped or Fabricated Fabricated Fabricated Fabricated Dedicated Bagger
Ground Speed 7mph Up to 9mph Up to 12mph 8mph 7mph
Gas Capacity 3 Gal. 7 Gal. 8 or 12 Gal. 8 Gal. 7.5 Gal.
Drive Tires 18"-20" 20"-23" 23"-26" 18"-20" 18"
Warranty 3yr/
5 yr/


   The Quest model is the introductory residential zero turn mower in Exmark' s line-up.
It is available in an E-Series and S-series with stamped and fabricated decks respectively for desired durability. 
The Quest models are an affordable zero turn mower best suited for smaller yards with level terrain.

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   The Pioneer model is a robust residential zero turn mower designed for the larger acreage owner.
Again, there are two series available: the E-Series and the S-Series. The S-Series has taken large leaps in the commercial direction with larger transmission and higher quality mower decks.
These components not only make it more durable, but allow for more performance during hillside operation.

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Lazer Z

Exmark's Lazer Z is the staple of commercial zero turn mowers.
This model is availble in an E, S, X, and D-Series. Each series adds more aurable components to the heavy duty frame for varying demands of commercial use from deck design to weight distribution.
Exmark has gone the extra mile to achieve zero turn mower perfection.

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The Vantage is a stand-on zero turn mower developed by Exmark using their expertise in commercial mowing application.
Like the other Exmark zero turn mowers, it is available in 2 series: S and X.
The stand-on zero turns are designed to achieve optimal versatility and efficiency.

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Exmark's Navigator is a specialty zero turn mower with emphasis on cut quality.
This model is equipped with a rear discharge, dedicated bagging, front mount mower deck perfect for trimming around flower beds.
The Navigator is controlled by a unique zero turn control system for a precise cut each and every time.

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