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John Deere D100 Vs X300 Lawn Tractors

John Deere D100 vs X300 riding lawn mower buying guide
On the showroom floor there does not appear to be a whole lot different between the John Deere D100 Series model riding mowers and the John Deere X300 Select Series models. So why does the X300 Series have twice the warranty?
Heavier and More Durable Frame
The X300 Select Series frame is a solid one piece frame weighing in at nearly 100 lbs and the D100 Series frame  is a two piece welded frame weight in at a little over 50 lbs.
This X300 Select Series frame is also thicker to make it more rigid to hold up for years of use and the added weight improves traction and better attachment performance.
Larger Transmission For Increased Productivity
The X300 Select Series transmission provides 165 lb-ft of torque and the D100 series models product 126 lb-ft of torque which is about 25% increase.
This increase in torque allows the X300 lawn tractor to climb hills better, tow more weight, and push more snow. The X304 model also features all wheel steering for tighter turning in and around obstacles for faster mower times.

Engineered For Comfort and Convenience
The John Deere X300 Select Series Riding Lawn Mowers feature a higher back seats with more suspension travel, foot operated deck lift rather than hand lift, standard cruise control and electric PTO engagement.
These features keep the operator more comfortable during their time mowing and reducing fatigue from lifting deck and other front attachments by hand .
Twice the Warranty
The X300 Select Series lawn tractors also come with a 4 year / 300 hour warranty vs the 2 year / 120 hour warranty on D100 Series mowers.
This increased warranty shows John Deere has more confidence in their Select Series line-up and with quality and performance upgrades they are sure to last the test of time!  

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