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Lawn Mowers

lawn mowers buying guide
Yard Size: Less than 1 acre
Speed: Walking Pace
Deck Size: 20" - 30"
Price: $350 - $1,000
Yard Size: 1 - 5 acres
Speed: Up to 8 MPH
Deck Size: 28" - 62"
Price: $1,999 - $11,000
Yard Size: 1 - 10 acres
Speed: Up to 14 MPH
Deck Size: 32" - 72"
Price: $3399 - $15,000
Walk Behind Lawn Mowers:
Walk behind mowers are ideal for smaller residential lawns where storage space might be a concern. Their small size and light-weight design allows for a walking mower to be used in a variety of conditions and environments.
A walk behind lawn mower is perfect for a homeowner without a lot of grass to mow or with some sort of restriction such as a fenced-in yard. Mowers are available with a variety of cutting options including mulch, bag, or side discharge. They are also available in push or self-propelled drive.
Riding Lawn Mowers:
Riding mowers are the most traditional type of lawnmower on the market today. Created for the homeowner who has a lot of grass to mow yet doesn't want to spend their energy walking behind the mower the whole time, a riding lawn mower is the perfect solution.
These mowers are available in a variety of sizes for the homeowner with a small yard up to large estate size properties. Available in base models used only for mowing or upgraded models that allow for a variety of attachments to be used, riding mowers are able to take on virtually any yard improvement task.
Whether you are looking to comfortably mow your yard year-round or looking to mow in the summer while push snow with a front plow in the winter, a riding lawn mower is the perfect choice for you. 
Zero Turn Lawn Mowers:
Zero turn mowers, also known as ZTR lawn mowers, are the newest type of mower to take over the yard care market. Built as a more maneuverable alternative to the popular seating mowers, zero turn lawn mowers allow for operator's to mow grass quickly and easily on any terrain.
Due to their ability to maneuver in tight spaces, zero turn mowers are the most efficient mowing machine on the market. Zero turn mowers have larger engines and mowing decks than other seated mowers which allows for them to cut more grass at a quicker pace.
If you have one goal in mind and that is to mow a lot of grass quickly, then a zero turn mower is the perfect choice for you.

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