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Riding Lawn Mowers

riding lawn mowers buying guide
Yard Size: Less than 1 acre
Cutting Width: 28" - 32"
Attachments: N/A
4WD Capability: No
Starting Price: $1,499
Yard Size: 1-3 acres
Cutting Width: 38" - 54"
Attachments: Light Duty
4WD Capability: No
Starting Price: $1,999
Yard Size: 2-5 acres
Cutting Width: 44" - 62"
Attachments: Heavy Duty
4WD Capability: Yes
Starting Price: $3,999

Rear Engine Mowers:

Rear engine riding mowers are designed to mow small yards where walking would be possible, but riding is preferred.
These mowers save on storage space and fit through small gates. They are often easier to get on and off compared to larger riding mower models.
Rear engine riding mowers are typically priced the same or more than traditional riding mowers due to their unique style and specialty design. 

Lawn Tractors:

A lawn tractor is used primarily as a riding lawn mower but can handle a variety of other tasks including hauling carts, pulling lawn rollers and removing snow.
A lawn tractor is generally lighter in weight than a garden tractor which limits their ability to push and pull heavier attachments.  

Garden Tractors:

A garden tractor looks similar to a lawn tractor but differs in a variety of ways. Garden tractors are built on larger, heavier frames which means they are more durable and can handle larger tasks.
Garden tractors also have larger tires with differential locking for more traction, control and comfort on both level ground and hills.
The larger garden tractors can also pull and push larger attachments compared to a lawn tractor, including some models with have a rear PTO to power more heavy-duty riding mower attachments.
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