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Self Propelled Lawn Mowers

Self Propelled Lawn Mowers Buying Guide

Self propelled walk behind lawn mowers are best suited for larger suburban lots that have inclines. These mowers offer innovative features that make walk behind mowing easier than ever. Along with the inclusion of a self propelling drive system that moves the mower on its own, the majority of self-propelled lawn mowers are includes a variety of different upgrades and features. Below is a list of features to consider before purchasing your next walk behind self-propelled lawn mower.

Single Speed Vs Variable Speed

A single speed self propel mower is a step up from pushing but this may create issues when that speed is either too slow or too fast for comfort.
A variable speed can be set at a pace that matches your desired walking speed. This type of drive is know as Personal Pace or Smart Drive.

Rear Wheel Vs Front Wheel Drive

Front wheel drive walk mowers are typically less expensive than rear wheel drive models. The big difference between the two is the better traction that is provided by rear wheel, especially on hills.
On front wheel drive mowers the wheels can lose contact with the ground when too much pressure is applied to the handle when climbing hills and turning.
However, some people prefer front wheel because of this ability to "disengage" the self propelled mowers by lifting front wheels from the ground.

Recoil Start Vs Electric Start

All gas powered walk mowers come with a pull cord recoil start standard, even if it has electric start too.
The option of electric key start can be enticing for those who have a difficult time pull starting equipment.
The electric start on self propel mowers are battery powered and must be recharged.

Blade Override System

Standard walk behind mowers have a safety lever that must be held down to run the mowers engine and blade, when that lever is let go the engine dies.
The blade override system, also known as a Blade Break Clutch, will allow the engine and blades to run separately. This allows the user to step away from the mower to pick up trash or dump a bag without restarting each time.

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