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If you’ve got a lot of ground to cover, a Superior Tech sprayer is exactly the piece of equipment you need to get the job done!  These incredibly durable and cost-efficient  John Deere Sprayers are the perfect tool for applying liquid fertilizer, water, weed killer, de-icer, and more!  Each model also comes with a hose and removable spray wand so you can also spray trees and shrubs in hard to reach areas.

With tow-behind models or lawn mower mounted options ranging from 15 to 45 Gallons, there is a Superior Tech Sprayer for any size yard, and any use.  Whether you are a homeowner, landscaper or a commercial mower, John Deere Sprayers are a must have piece of equipment! 


John Deere Tow-Behind Sprayers

Tow Behind Sprayers easily mount to your tractor’s rear hitch.  Instantly hook up this sprayer to apply fertilizer, water, and more to your lawn.   These sprayers are available in capacities ranging from 15 to 45 Gallons and up to 120” of spraying width.  They are also equipped with a hose and removable spray wand with a powerful stream that reaches up to 30 feet, so spraying hard to reach areas is no problem at all!  Other features include:


  • Durable 100 PSI (2.1 gpm) pump that was built for heavy, commercial use.
  • Adjustable brass spray tip reaches up to 30 Feet
  • Pneumatic tires provide smooth ride and minimal ground compaction
  • Built in stand for vertical storage reduces storage space
  • Heavy duty yellow translucent yellow tank 

John Deere Tractor Mounted Sprayers

Tractor Mounted Sprayers mount right on the back of your John Deere Lawn Tractor.  Compatible with the X300, X500 and X700 Series, the tractor mounted sprayers cover a lot of ground while saving you a great deal of space! Superior Tech's Tractor mounted sprayers also come with a removable hose and wand so you can easily get to hard to reach areas.

  • Custom mounting brackets attach easily to your tractor
  • Heavy duty 100 PSI (2.1 gpm) pump that can run dry without being damaged
  • Durable translucent yellow tank with fill level indicators
  • 19’  Removable Hose for maximum mobility
  • Adjustable brass spray tip that reaches up to 30 Feet


 Type: Capacity: Spray Width: Boom Width: Hose Length:
LP19478  Tow Behind
 15 Gallons 60" 30" 19'
LP19479  Tow Behind  25 Gallons 90" 60" Folding 19'
LP20485  Tow Behind  45 Gallons 120" 90" Folding 20'
LP39963  Tow Behind 45 Gallons  120"  150" Folding or 24' Boomless  20'
LP22861  Mower Mounted
 25 Gallons  90"  60" Folding  19'
LP22862  Mower Mounted
25 Gallons  90"  60" Folding  19'

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