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How to Install and Remove a John Deere 375A Backhoe

The John Deere 375A Backhoe is an awesome new attachment available for John Deere Compact Utility Tractors. This backhoe easily mounts to any John Deere 3R Series Compact Utility Tractor for quick and easy digging! This backhoe features enhanced digging force and increased system pressure and hydraulic flow.

The 375A backhoe is also compatible with a mid mount mower deck for maximum versatility. Custom mechanical thumb allows you to easily grab large, uneven objects. This Backhoe is also available with a wide variety of bucket widths - anywhere from 9" to 24". Not only is this backhoe a breeze to use, but it's just as easy to install and remove on your tractor's 3-point hitch. Here is a step by step guide on how to install and remove the 375A Backhoe on your John Deere 3R Series Tractor.

*Note: Wearing Gloves is Recommended due to working with Hydraulic Fluids and functioning machinery*

Installing the John Deere 375A Backhoe:


Step 1: Back Tractor over Backhoe & Install Mounting Pins

  • Back Tractor Slowly into backhoe until crossbar engages backhoe slots.
  • Stop Tractor Engine and Engage Parking Brake
  • Install Mount Pins (G) through backhoe and mount frame (E) on each side of backhoe.
  • Secure Mount Pins with Retainer Pins (H) on each side of backhoe.


Step 2: Connect Hydraulic Hoses

  • Connect backhoe connector (I) to power beyond coupler (J) on tractor.
  • Connect backhoe Hydraulic return line coupler (K) to power beyond connector on tractor.


Step 3: Remove Pins & Drive Away

  • Remove Boom Lock Pin (L), Retainer Clip, and Swing Lock Pin (M) from the boom assembly.
  • Raise Stabilizers.
  • Drive away.


Removing the John Deere 375A Backhoe:


Step 1: Lower the Bucket

  • Place boom in park position and install lock pin and retainer clip.
  • Dipperstick (C) should be fully retracted.
  • Rotate bucket until teeth (D) are parallel to the ground.
  • Lower Stabilizer Arms (E) on both sides of backhoe parallel with the ground.
  • Turn off Tractor


Step 2: Disconnect Hydraulics

  • Disconnect Backhoe connector (E) from power beyond coupler on tractor.
  • Disconnect backhoe hydraulic return line coupler (F) from power beyond connector on tractor.
  • Install dust cap and plug on coupler (F) and connector (E) to prevent contamination.
  • Connect tractor power beyond hydraulic connector to power beyond coupler (H).


Step 3: Remove Pins and Drive Away

  • Remove retainer pin (I) and mount pin (J) from backhoe and mount frame on each side.
  • Slowly lower tractor rockshaft to lower backhoe from mount frames.
  • Ensure crossbar is released from slots in backhoe frame.
  • Start Tractor, release park brake and slowly drive tractor forward until clear of backhoe.

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