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Zero Turn Lawn Mowers

zero turn mowers buying guide

Entry Level



Yard Size Up to 3 acres Up to 5 acres Up to 10 acres
Cutting Width 32" - 50" 48" - 62" 48" - 72"
Yard Type Residential, Flat
Large Residential, Uneven Terrain Large Properties, Rough Cutting
Ground Speeds Up to 6 MPH Up to 8 MPH Up to 14 MPH
Starting Price $2,299 $4,499 $5,999

Entry Level Zero Turn Lawn Mowers

The entry level zero turn lawn mowers are built with the average homeowner in mind. These mowers typically use smaller mower decks made with stamped steel instead of a fabricated deck like most premium and commercial zero turn mowers. They also have smaller tires and transmissions, making them ideal to be used on more flat and smooth surfaces. Entry level zero turn lawn mowers provide the complete zero turn control and comfort like other higher end models, yet keep the features simple to maintain the affordable price.

Premium Zero Turn Lawn Mowers

The premium zero turn lawn mowers look substantially different compared to entry level zero turn mowers. The heavy-duty components are a major distinction between the two, with most premium zero turn mowers having mower decks of thicker stamped steel decks or completely fabricated decks. Premium zero turn lawn mowers are also distinguishable by their larger tires, transmission and additional mowing features. The larger body style adds more comfort and control for the operator, while also increasing the top ground speeds and abilities to mow over a variety of terrains.

Commercial Zero Turn Lawn Mowers

Commercial zero turn lawn mowers are built to stand the test of time. These mowers are using the thickest steel in the industry for their stamped and fabricated mowing decks and frames. The heavy-duty parts and components, such as the spindles, frame and pulleys allow for these machines to be used for extended periods of times in the roughest conditions. Commercial zero turn mowers usually have larger tires and more powerful transmissions that use hydraulic pumps and wheel motors. These upgrades provide more torque for climbing hills and slowing these heavy-duty mowers when going down hills and uneven terrains. All these upgraded components on these zero turn mowers are powered by commercial-grade engines built with more durable parts and materials.

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