Shaver HD-8 Post Driver with 3pt Mount
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Shaver HD-8 Post Driver

Shaver HD-8 Post Driver 

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Shaver HD-8 Post Driver

Shaver HD-8 Post Driver

The Shaver HD-8 Post Driver is an occasional use, low maintenance, driver designed to give property owners the ability to drive 4"-5" post in most conditions on most terrain. The Top-Rated Shaver HD8 Post river will save considerable time and money over operating other machines and manufacturers of post placing equipment.

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The Shaver HD 8 Post Driver delivers 30,000 lbs. of impact force at full stroke.
  • The Shaver HD-8 Post Driver will drive a 4"-5" post in 10 secons or less in ideal conditions.
  • In ideal conditions, the Shaver HD-8 Post Driver can drive posts up to 7.5ft.
  • In most conditions, the Shaver HD-8 Post Driver will drive post in 10-20 seconds.
The Shaver HD8 Post Driver has only 8 moving parts.
  • By minimizing moving parts, fail points are reduced resulting in considerable savings in operating cost over other machines.
  • Serviceable components are stocked and readily available at our dealership, distributors, and warehouses to get you back to work, quickly reducing lost time.
  • The simple straight forward design allows for repairs and maintenance to be done in the field by the user. This reduces repair and service cost over other machines.
The Shaver HD-8 Post Driver tilts up to 15º front to back and left to right
  • Allows the use to adjust the driver to terrain to maintain a straight fence line.
  • Allows the use to adjust the driver between strikes, allowing the user to drive the post straight as it hits rock and tough soil.
  • Allows the user to apply pressure to a post that needs to be straightened as it is driven.
The Shaver HD8 Post Driver can mount on a Category I Three Point Hitch
  • Allows the user to utilize smaller tractors to maneuver into less accessible areas.
  • By utilizing a smaller tractor the user will incur less fuel cost than on a larger machine.
  • The Cat. I hitch provides opportunity to mate the driver with most tractors.
The Shaver HD 8 Post Driver requires only 3-4 GPM to operate
  • Allows the use of the Shaver HD-8 Post Driver on virtually any size tractor with auxiliary hydraulics.
  • The Shaver HD-8 Post Driver will have a diminutive effect on the host tractor hydraulics, causing no wear and tear while in use.
  • The low hydraulic requirements give the user an opportunity to mount the driver on a very broad age range of tractors.
  • The Hydraulic Base Plate option allows for easier controls over the Shaver HD-8 Post Driver
  • Quickly and easily adjust the tilt and angle of the machine
  • Allows for complete control of the Shaver HD-8 Post Driver with safety being top priority


Equip. ModelTractor Attachments, Fencing, Skid Steer Attachments, John Deere 1250 Parts
Hyd. Flow Required3 gpm
Mounting TypeCat. I 3-pt
Product Info
Compatible EquipmentTractor
Intended UseAgriculture
Impact Force30,000 lbs
Maximum Post Width6"
Maximum Post Length10 ft
Operating Pressure1,500 psi
Weight500 lbs

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