Brown Mfg TCF-2605 Tree Cutter

Brown Mfg TCF-2605 Tree Cutter


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Brown Mfg TCF-2605 Tree Cutter

Brown Mfg TCF-2605 Tree Cutter
72" Cut with 145 HP Gear Box
  • Folding deck style with spring bar
  • 1/4" Plate with Reinforced Double 1/4" Plate = 1/2
  • Front Safety Chain Curtain
4 "Ultra Kor" Blades
  • 1/2" x 5" Ultra Kor Blades
  • Generates Flywheel action to provide supreme cutting ability 
  • 810 RPM blade bar allows for the blades to make contact 54 times per second
4 Disc Slip Clutch
  • 4 disc slip clutch with over-run
  • Over-Running slip clutch stops the drive shaft from operating after the PTO is disengaged, protecting your PTO
Cutting Width: 72"
Requires:70hp - 90hp 
Weight: 2,535lbs.
A-Frame: 3 x 3 x 1/4" ASAE Hitch Cat. 11 with Flex Link

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  • Up to 625 lbs Blade Bar generates a tremendous flywheel effect giving this cutter its terrific cutting ability 
  • Over-running slip clutch allows the drive shaft to stop after PTO is disengaged
    • Protects tractor PTO system
  • 4 disc slip clutch
  • 810 RPM blade bar allows blade contact 54 times per second
  • Front Safety Chain Curtains Standard
  • Additional discharge protection


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