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John Deere Front Blade Extension Kit

9" Left 9" Right Extensions 

Price: $269.99

Fit 54" Quick Hitch Blades


John Deere Front Blade Extension Kit

Expand the width of a 54-inch front blade 30% by adding this pair of9-inch extensions (LP53767) to lengthen the front blade to 72-inchwidth. The wider blade can be used for snow removal/clearing for largerdriveways and even, commercial clearing. The Plow Extensions offer aquick and affordable way to increase the effective width of the frontblade for snow clearing.


  • Includes a left 9-inch and a right 9-inch extension, reduce plow time by adding 33% more width
  • Gain full vehicle coverage when the blade is fully angled
  • Independent and reversible cutting edge to ease in replacement and installation/removal
  • Heavy-duty all steel construction for durability and long life


Manufacturer John Deere
SKU LP53767
Equip. Model John Deere 54 QH Blade Parts

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