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Auger Torque 20" Auger

Auger Torque 20" Auger 
1. Auger Length
2. Hub Options
3. Wear Parts

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Auger Torque 20" Auger

Auger Torque 20" Auger

 Auger Torque Augers utilize Auger Torque Teeth and Pilots, and they incorporate Auger Torque''s unique Shock Lock Tooth Locking System, which guarantees that you will never lose your auger teeth when reversing your auger. 

Auger Torque''s 20" Auger is available in 3 lengths:  4 Feet, 5 Feet, and 6 Feet.


All Auger Torque Augers are constructed from high grade steel.  In order to help you work more efficiently, and make your job easier, Auger Torque constructs their augers with many innovative design features in mind. 

The innovative Constant Spiral Cut Design means improved productivity.  Auger Torque utilizes shallow pitch flights, which maximizes capacity and minimizes cleanup, saving you a great deal of time and energy.  The Constant Spiral Cut also means a fresh cut every revolution, with no clogging!


In order to maximize compatibility,  Auger Torque''s Augers come with your choice of a wide variety of hub options.  You can also be sure that this Auger will be able to help you tackle any job.  Almost everything about this auger is customizable.  Interchangeable wear parts, such as the pilot, allows you to easily work in any ground condition.  

Earth Wear Parts: Best suited for soft grounds like earth and clay.

Tungsten Wear Parts: Ideal for use in dry, hard or medium ground conditions where floating rocks may be encountered.  This is the perfect choice for when you are not sure what you might encounter.

Rock Wear Parts:  Best used in very hard ground and tarmac where extra cutting is needed and high wear is expected.  This is most effective on machines with high down pressure.


Shock Lock Tooth Locking System

Tooth loss is now a thing of the past.  Using our innovative design, the Shock Lock System ensures that your Auger teeth are locked safely in place and protected against shock fractures.  This system also makes replacing worn teeth a breeze.  Other awesome features include:

  • Prolonged Tooth Life
  • Less Shock Vibration
  • Quick and Easy Replacement
  • Reliable, Patented Design with 100% Customer Satisfaction

  • Shallow Pitch Flights
  • Piling Industry Technology
  • Holds Earth on Flights on Removal
  • Most efficient ratio between quantity of Earth removed and speed of operation
  • Maximizes efficiency and minimizes cleanup

  • Multiple Pilot Options


    • Earth, Tungsten, Extra Dig, and Rock Pilots
    • Tough Forged Construction
    • Easy Fitting
    • Quickly and Easily Switch between Pilots


    Manufacturer Auger Torque

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