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Chute Rotation
Manual Chute Rotation
Crank style rotation for directional chute

Hydraulic chute Rotation [Add $300.00]
Use hydraulic control directional chute

Chute Deflector
Electric chute deflector is only available on cab tractor models only
Manual Chute Deflectror
Manually change chute loft

Hydraulic Chute Deflector [Add $250.00]
Hydraulically change chute loft

Electric Chute Deflector [Add $750.00]
Eletric motor changes chute loft

Frontier 94" 3 Point Snowblower (SB1194)

  • 94" Working Width
  • 35-90 HP Range
  • Category II 3 Point
  • Parking Stand
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  • iMatch Compatible
The 3 point snow blower is a cost effective method of removing snow on paved or gravel drive.
Hydraulic Chute
Chute Deflector
The chute deflector make throwing snow more accurate It can be set to high loft for more distance or low loft for more accuracy, or somewhere in between. These blower come standard with a manual chute control or an optional hydraulic deflector can be added as seen left.
Chute Rotation Chute Rotation
The chute rotation allow for a 205 degree adjustment left to right for aiming the snow. This blower comes standard with a manual chute adjustment that can be reached from your seat. An optional hydraulic chute rotation can also be added. Either a 3rd SVC must be present or your mid valve lines must be routed toward the rear of your tractor.
Category I Hitch
Category I 3 point Hitch
The SB1194 fits category I 3 Point hitches on all tractors. Being a Frontier branded item it is also iMatch and Autohitch compatible. These reduces time in the cold switch out attachments. It also comes with a parking stand for easier install and removal.
Skid Shoes
Adjustable Skid Shoes
The SB11 Series snowblowers come with adjustable/replaceable skids shoes. These can be adjusted to get close to paved surfaces or set higher for clearing gravel lots without picking up and throwing stones.
Height, in. (cm) 34 (86.4)
Transport width, in. (cm) 94.5 (240)
Working width, in. (cm) 94 (238.8)
Length, in. (cm) 55.375 (140.7)
Operating, lb (kg) 1021 (463.1)
Shipping, lb (kg) 1182 (536.1)
Type Two-part
Deflector adjustment NA
Standard Manual
Optional Hydraulic cylinder or electric actuator
Rotation type Manual or hydraulic
Diameter, in. (cm) 12 (30.5)
Rotation degrees 210
Rotation NA
Diameter, in. (cm) 20 (50.8)
Speed (rpm) 170
Overload protection Single
Blades 4
Speed (rpm) 540
Diameter, in. (cm) 27.5 (69.9)
Width, in. (cm) 10.5 (26.7)
Optional secondary auger diameter, in. (cm) NA
Tractor compatibility
PTO (rpm) 540
Minimum hp 35 (26.1)
Maximum hp 90 (67.1)
PTO overload protection Shearbolt
Roller, lb (kg) 60
Idler adjustment Manual
Compatibility Cat. 1, Cat. 2
iMatch Yes
Quick coupler Yes
Cutting edge
Type Welded
Skid shoes
Type Steel, adjustable
Set-up time
Labor hours 1
Warranty period
Machine 1 year for ag and residential use; 90 days for commercial use
Gear box Two years