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Frontier 64" Loader-Mount Snowblower (SB2164) Options:
Frontier 64" Loader-Mount Snowblower (SB2164)
Base Model of the Frontier 64" Loader-Mount Snowblower (SB2164)

Add Hydraulic Chute Deflector [Add $585.00]
Replaces the manual chute defector with a hydraulic chute deflector

Frontier 64" Loader-Mount Snowblower (SB2164)

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    Frontier 64" Front Snowblower (SB2164)

    Frontier's SB21 Series Snow Blowers are hydraulically driven and loader mounted. The SB2164 Model is compatible with current John Deere 300 Series Loaders. Because they are front mounted, operator fatigue is greatly reduced.

    The SB21 Series Snow Blowers are quick attach and powered byhydraulic power pack driven off of the rear power take-off (PTO). The SB2164 is compatible with Frontier's HP2025 Hydraulic Power Pack.

    The 64-in. working width will make quick work of allof your customers' snow removal. Controlling cut height and pitch iseffortless using the loader's hydraulic controls.

    Frontier's SB2164 is both innovative and effective for quickly and easily moving snow.
    Discharge Chute Deflection
    • Manual adjustment of the chute angle on the spout is standard equipment on the SB21 Series Loader-Mounted Snow Blowers.
    • An optional electrically controlled hydraulic cylinder is available to adjust the deflector angle.
    • The chute rotation and optional chute angle adjustment are powered by the hydraulic power pack and controlled with rocker switches installed in the tractor operator station.
    Electrically-Controlled Hydraulic Motor
    • As base equipment on SB21 Series Loader-Mounted Snow Blowers, the discharge chute rotation is controlled with an electrically controlled hydraulic motor
    • The chute rotation is powered by the hydraulic power pack and controlled with a rocker switch installed in the tractor operator station
    Required Hydraulic 3-Point Power Packs
    • The SB21 Series Loader-Mounted Snow Blower's hydraulic three-point power packs are self-contained and powered by the tractor's rear power take-off (PTO)
    • They are Category 1 and iMatch™ compatible.
    • HP2025 Hydraulic Power Pack is required for model SB2164 Snow Blower
    • Add suitcase weights (shown above) for additional ballast to the rear of the tractor
    Torque-Controlled Impeller Moves Snow Easily
    • Frontier's SB21 Series Loader-Mounted Snow Blowers monitor the torque applied to the impeller, which is an industry-exclusive feature
    • The speed of the auger slows down when maximum torque is sensed, alerting the operator to slow ground speed
    • This allows the impeller to move away excess snow
    • This feature reduces plugging during operation
    Snow blower working width, in. (cm) 64 (163)
    Power pack width, in. (cm) 38 (97)
    Snow blower machine height, in. (cm) 60.(152)
    Power pack height, in. (cm) 52 (132)
    Snow blower operating, lb (kg) 800 (363)
    Power pack operating, lb (kg) 535 (243)
    Snow blower shipping, lb (kg) 1050 (476)
    Power pack shipping, lb (kg) 535 (243)
    Tractor compatibility
    PTO horsepower, hp (kW) 25 to 34 (18.6 to 25.4)
    PTO rpm 540
    Loader (current John Deere series) 300
    Type Two-part
    Deflector adjustment (standard) Manual
    Deflector adjustment (optional) Hydraulic cylinder
    Rotation type Hydraulic
    Diameter, in. (cm) 8.25 (21)
    Diameter, in. (cm) 15 (38)
    Speed, rpm 200
    Type Single
    Flighting thickness, in. (cm) 0.3125 (1)
    Blades 4
    Diameter, in. (cm) 24 (61)
    Width, in. (cm) 7 (18)
    Speed, rpm 680
    Impeller shaft diameter, in. (cm) 1.25 (3)
    Fan relief valve setting, psi (bar) 3000 (207)
    Auger relief valve setting, psi (bar) 2000 (138)
    Oil cooler Standard
    Flow, gpm @ 3000 psi (L/min @207 bar) 16 (133.60)
    Power pack reservoir, gal. (L) 15 (56.78)
    System capacity, gal. (L) 18 (68.14)
    Cutting edge
    Type Replaceable, reversible
    Thickness, in. (cm) 0.375 (1)
    Width, in. (cm) 2 (5)
    Skid shoes
    Configuration Adjustable, 6 positions
    Replaceable Standard
    Drift cutters
    Optional Yes
    End plate thickness, in. (cm) 0.1875 (1)
    Back plate thickness, in. (cm) 0.120 (0.30)
    Fan housing thickness, in. (cm) 0.120 (0.30)
    Fan blade thickness, in. (cm) 0.25 (1)
    Side panel bottom thickness, in. (cm) 0.50 (1)
    Configuration 1 unit
    Set-up time
    Labor hours 2.5 to 3
    Time period (machine) 1 year for ag and residential use; 90 days for commercial use