Trac-Vac Lawn and Leaf Vacuums

The Trac-Vac systems are universal lawn and leaf vacuums with varying designs for riding lawn tractors, zero turn mowers, walk-behind mowers, front mount mowers, stand-on mowers, and utility tractors. Trac-Vac builds several models based on mower types, yard size, and terrain. Below is a guide to help determine which Trac-Vac model best suites your needs.
Walk Behind Mowers
Trav-Vac 470 Vacuum
The Trac-Vac 470 is the only option available for walk behind mowers. This is utilizing the 8 bushel capacity Rubbermaid tub mounted to the front of the machine for better overall balance. The turbine system is then mounted to the side for efficient vacuum power directly off the discharge side of the mower.
Stand on Mowers
Trac-Vac 565CKG Vacuum
Trac-Vac is only producing the 565CKG model for stand on mowers. This model is very similar to the walk behind design with front mounted Rubbermaid tub and side mounted engine.
Front Mount Mowers
Trac-Vac 865 Vacuum
Trac-Vac produces the 865 model for front deck zero turn mowers. This model is utilizing a 44 bushel capacity tow behind cart and a side mounted engine powered turbine. This model is best suited for open area mowing as, the overall vehicle length has very limited maneuverability.
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High Capacity Open Area Mowing
Trac-Vac 854 Vacuum
Trac-Vac has designed two models to run the turbine off the PTO. The854 modelis a category I 3pt mounted turbine which has a hitch for the 44 bushel capacity cart. This option best suites tractors that do not have mower deck height control integrated with 3pt height control.
The Trac-Vac 858 model is a draw bar mounted turbine which also runs off the PTO and attaches a 44 bushel cart. This model is better suited for tractors that need the 3 point control for deck height adjustments.
Maneuverable Mowing
Trac-Vac 662 Vacuum
Trac-Vac has designed the 662 model with twin 8 bushel capacity Rubbermaid tubs with 3pt mount for mowing in tight areas with lots of obstacle. This Trac-Vac is using the standard engined powered turbine mounted to a platform for a reduced total vehicle length, allowing for tighter maneuvering.
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High Capacity Open Area Mowing
Trac-Vac 1060 Vacuum
Trac-Vac has designed the1060 model to offer the high capacity of the 44 bushel cart to be used with 60 - 72"ZTRs while maintaining maneuverability. To improve the mobility of the traditional 44 bushel cart Trac-Vac has designed an engine powered turbine mount for the hitch of the ZTR extended the connection point of the cart for a better turning radius.This set-up is best suited mowing large open areas where capacity is more important than maneuverability.
Maneuverable Mowing
Trac-Vac 655 Vacuum
The 655 model Trac-Vac offers a good compromise between capacity and maneuverability with twin 8 bushel capacity Rubbermaid tubs mounted to the rear of the ZTR on a platform with caster wheels for added stability. This model Trac-Vac is best suited for commercial grade zero turns that can handle the extra weight of the vacuum system.
Small Area Mowing
Trac-Vac 462 Vacuum
Trac-Vac has designed two models with single 8 bushel capacity tubs. The 452-D model is offering a platform with a caster wheel for reduced strain on the ZTR and better stability on inclines.
The 462-Z model is full supported by the hitch of the zero turn and is there fore better suited for use on commercial grade zero turn mowers with front counterbalance weight. Both units are best suited for small areas where maneuverability is more important than capacity.
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High Capacity Open Area Mowing
Trac-Vac 860 Vacuum
Trac-Vac offers three models with 44 bushel capacity tow behind carts. The 1080 and 880 models are both using a draw bar mounted engine on the cart, with a slight larger engine with electric start standard on the 1080.
The 860 model Trac-Vac  is using a tractor mounted engine turbine assembly with a cart hitch which extends the connection point for a slightly tighter turning radius. These high capacity models are best suited for garden tractors with 60 - 72" mower decks.
Open Area Mowing
Trac-Vac 580 Vacuum
Trac-Vac is offering two models with 25 bushel capacity tow behind carts. The 580 modelis using a draw bar mounted engine on the cart for easier install and removal.
The 560 model is using a tractor mounted turbine with cart hitch for improved turning radius. Both units are ideal choices for mowing open areas with lawn tractors equipped with deck sized up to 54".
Maneuverable Mowing
Trac-Vac 682 Vacuum
The 682 Trac-Vac is using twin 8 bushel capacity tubs on a small trailer platform. This design shortens the overall vehicle length from cart models, thus improving maneuverability in tighter areas. This model is best suited for small mowers where both maneuverability and capacity are important.
Small Area Mowing
Trac-Vac 385 Vacuum
Trac-Vac is offering two vacuum systems with 8 bushel capacity tubs for smaller total vehicle length to improve mobility in tight areas. The 385 model is using a tow behind system with tub and engine mounted to the platform with caster wheels.
The 452 model is using an attached platform for increase maneuverability in reverse by eliminating the risk of jack-knifing. Both units are ideal choices for small yards or for use with small riding lawn tractors.
Open Area Mowing and Versatility
Trac-Vac 520C Vacuum
Trac-Vac's most recent model is the 520C which is utilizing a 17 cubic foot plastic cart with mesh and metal top for total capacity of 16 bushels. This vacuum system is using a draw bar mounted engine powered turbine for easy install and removal. This Trac-Vac model can remove the top of the cart for use as a general utility cart as well. This system is ideal for small to medium sized lawn tractors use on small to medium sized lawns.

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