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How to Choose the Right Log Splitter

If you’ve got a lot of firewood to split, an axe simply won’t cut it. Log splitters are an easy way to split lots of wood without even breaking a sweat! If you regularly chop wood for firewood, it’s time for an upgrade! They are quicker, more efficient and much easier!

How does it Work?

Rather than cutting the wood, a wedge is slowly driven into the log, splitting it in half. Unlike axes, these tools rely on strength, instead of speed. That’s why splitting force is so important when it comes to log splitting. The higher the splitting force, the larger logs you can split. For example, if you’re going to be splitting 6” logs, a 4 ton splitter will work fine. But if you’re going to split 24” logs, you will need a 20-30 ton log splitter.

Another thing to keep in mind is what type of wood you’ll be cutting. Harder woods such as oak and walnut require higher splitting force than poplar, aspen and spruce. This guide below will help you decide how much splitting force you will need.

Log splitters

Log Length

Another important aspect in deciding which one you’ll need is log length. All have a maximum stroke length, so it’s important to know the length of your logs. You’ll definitely want a splitter that will accommodate logs of any size. The most common length is 24”, but there are options if you would like to split larger wood. Check out this guide to help you decide which Wallenstein log splitter is best for your needs. 

Mounting Type:
Once you’ve decided how much splitting force you’ll need, then you need to decide which type you will need. Typically, there are three types of log splitters available:

  • Tow Behind
  • Skidsteer Mounted
  • 3-Point Hitch Mounted

Tow Behind Log Splitters

Tow Behind Log Splitters are, by far, the most popular model. The 2” ball hitch mounting system makes these types of splitters an extremely versatile tool. Simply hook it up and tow it behind your truck, tractor or even your ATV! Most tow behinds fall under the category of “self-contained log splitters” – meaning that they are powered by an integrated engine, requiring no external drive system such as PTO or hydraulics. Keep in mind that when purchasing a self-contained splitter, more engine power means higher splitting force. Be sure to get a splitter that supports the size of wood you’ll be splitting.

3-Point Hitch Mounted Splitters

The second most popular type is the 3-point hitch mounted splitters. Rather than having to tow a splitter behind your truck, these easily mount right on your tractor’s 3-point hitch, allowing you to navigate even the farthest reaches of the woods. Furthermore, 3-Point Hitch Mounted splitters are powered by your tractor’s hydraulics. This eliminates the hassle of an external engine and increases the splitting force available.

Skidsteer Mounted Log Splitters

If you have a skidsteer loader, then this type is definitely for you! Similar to the 3-Point hitch mount, hydraulically powered skidsteer mounted log splitters easily hook right up to your skidsteer so you can get to work! Make the most out of your skidsteer by instantly turning it into a high powered log splitter.

    Whether you have a few trees or a whole forest to take care of, there is a log splitter out there that will meet your every need. To learn more about which splitter is best for you, give our experts a call at (260) 432-9438.

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